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The Ron Butler Barack Obama Experience - A Live Political Comedy Show

“The Ron Butler Obama Experience” is a high-energy live political and pop cultural comedy show starring revered Barack Obama impersonator Ron Butler and produced by Politicos Comedy Brigade.

Obama Impersonator Ron Butler Ultimate Presidential Experience

President Barack Obama is played by the original and best Obama impersonator, Ron Butler, a 25 year veteran television and theater actor.

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Obama Impersonator Ron Butler Dancing

In “The Ron Butler Obama Experience,” Obama impersonator Ron Butler performs a Saturday Night Live-style portrayal of the President, combining an uncanny resemblance with a skillful voice impression, tasteful and astute political and pop cultural comedy, song, and dance.

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Obama Impersonator Ron Butler Corporate Event

“The Ron Butler Obama Experience” is a live stage show which takes the form of a one-man Broadway-style production. The show is cutting edge and has high production values (compared with some of Politicos Comedy Brigade’s past productions involving solo political impersonators, which until now have taken the form of a setup/punchline comedy speech restricted to a podium). Obama impersonator Ron Butler takes free range of the stage, performing highly choreographed song and dance routines and interacting with a deeply integrated dynamic multimedia program projected on stage, which adds a whole new level of comedy and production to the show.

Obama Impersonator Ron Butler At Live Event

The production is available in two formats.

The first available format is a ready-made 30-minute show which contains a variety of both timeless and up-to-the-minute comedy which covers not only politics and pop culture, but topics everybody can relate to such as life in the White House, relationship dynamics between the President and the First Lady (and between the President and his mother-in-law), balancing the Presidency with parenthood, and a wealth of humorous anecdotes, original songs, and audience interaction. The ready-made version of the production includes light customization written in cooperation with the client, which can include, depending on the client’s needs, VIP recognition, tasteful roasting, message-driven comedy, custom musical parodies, and even interactive game show sketches involving audience members. The show can also be scaled down to formats of less than 30-minutes.

The second available format for the production is complete customization. Within this format, a show can be imagined, written, and produced from scratch based entirely upon the needs of the client, with the ability to focus everything from humor and multimedia to musical parody and sketches around the client’s message, brand, products, or personnel. The show can be of any length, can incorporate any stock material from the ready-made version of the production which the client wishes to include, and can contain additional characters alongside Barack Obama impersonator Ron Butler.

Political Impersonator From Politicos Comedy Brigade

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Obama Impersonator Ron Butler Meet And Greet

Both versions of “The Ron Butler Obama Experience” include a 60-minute post-show meet & greet and photo session with Barack Obama impersonator Ron Butler. Butler brings an incredible element of charm and grace to one-on-one and group interactions with attendees and audience members, which always makes a meet & greet photo session with the President a memorable experience all around.

Politicos Comedy Brigade Political Comedy Troupe

The show customization provided for both available formats of “The Ron Butler Obama Experience” is a collaborative effort between Obama impersonator Ron Butler and Politicos Comedy Brigade. Ron Butler's brand of customized political comedy draws upon his own political and public policy insights stemming from his days as an economic consultant for a law firm in Washington, D.C. Politicos Comedy Brigade’s brand of customized political comedy comes from years as the preeminent political comedy team in the United States consistently performing highly customized political comedy based on the needs of clients including Microsoft, Unilever, LinkedIn, Virgin America, YouTube, Yahoo!, ESPN, AOL, USO, FOX News Channel, MSNBC, Dollar General, CNN, and Will Ferrell's Funny or Die among many others.

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Politicos Political Comedy Team

“The Ron Butler Obama Experience” can be enhanced through a number of add-ons offered by Politicos Comedy Brigade, including the booking of a Presidential podium, an Oval Office set, secret service agents, metal detectors to screen guests or VIPs, limousines and helicopters to create the ultimate Presidential entrance, along with virtually any other frills and accents a client can imagine. Politicos Comedy Brigade has presented Barack Obama comedic stage productions with a wide variety of scopes and complexities, from small intimate parties to 3,000-seat theaters. No matter what a client is planning for their event, venue, or tour, Politicos Comedy Brigade has the ability to scale and tailor “The Ron Butler Obama Experience” to the client’s specific needs and parameters.

Political Comedy Freedom Fest

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“The Ron Butler Obama Experience” garners rave reviews from clients. Marilyn B. at CSS Inc. raves, “Ron was a terrific entertainer and had my crowd in the palm of his hand as a spot-on Barack Obama impersonator. I enjoyed working with him as his professionalism set my mind at ease from the start. Five star!” Alex H. of WCRS Advertising adds, “Ron not only looks the part, as you’d expect, but he also acts the part. He’s as charming and cheeky as the President himself and exceptionally good at entertaining people."

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Obama Impersonator Ron Butler Is A Hit Amongst Corporate Groups

“The Ron Butler Obama Experience” is a hit among audiences of all political persuasions. With well-balanced political comedy, hilarious pop cultural references, cutting-edge multimedia, original parody songs with choreographed dance, and one-man Broadway-style production, “The Ron Butler Obama Experience” is the perfect entertainment for any stage.

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