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Barack Obama Impersonator Ron Butler's Testimonials

Barack Obama impersonator Ron Butler takes pride in delivering an excellent performance each and every time he appears on stage, on screen, and beyond.

Ron Butler’s complete professionalism, creative flair, interpersonal skills, directability, talent in character acting, and dedication to his craft and to his clients have earned him rave reviews from satisfied clients all over the world.

Those who have seen Ron Butler’s portrayal of the President and who have been an audience member for “The Ron Butler Obama Experience” understand the high levels of production and pure stage/screen presence which Obama impersonator Ron Butler brings to the table. He is truly second to none as an Obama impersonator, and clients have come to appreciate the incredible added value and perspective that Ron Butler’s skills and experiences as a 25-year veteran television and theater actor bring to his creative comedic portrayal.

While many of Ron's clients thank him for a great performance by submitting testimonial letters, Ron thanks all of his clients for their business with a custom Presidential video.

Here is what some of those satisfied clients have to say about Obama impersonator Ron Butler:

  • I've been asked to provide a review of Ron Butler as impersonator of President Obama. I agreed to do so largely because I have met and heard the President speak in large group settings. I run a trade association in metropolitan Washington, DC.

    The President is articulate, witty and a seasoned speaker. He is not an “entertainer”…for that you need to hire Ron Butler. Ron, too, is an articulate, witty and seasoned speaker and bears a striking resemblance to the President, however, he is also a one-man wonder at entertaining a crowd…especially a politically astute one.

    I hired Ron to perform at a large Annual Meeting gathering of my industry. He spoke, sang and enjoined the crowd in political banter and was genuinely a huge hit with the audience. We intend to use Ron again as an entertainer at a future function. A genuine musical talent, Ron wrote and performed music for my group that was specifically tailored for it. I met with him, told him what we needed and to let his creativity do the rest. He can give you any “rating” you desire and happily worked with us on a unique presentation for my meeting and specific attendees.

    Easy going and effortless to work with Ron is engaging, intelligent, good natured and has a rapier wit. He so engaged the crowd and a pre-selected targeted group he was asked to join us for social activities and was asked by others onsite to join a group of my members on a separate occasion at the Kentucky Derby.

    He is a “one-man show” and I can without reservation recommend Ron Butler to you. Enjoy the show.

    Hired by: Kris Kiser, President & CEO
    Organization: Outdoor Power Equipment Institute, Inc.
    Event: Corporate Event
  • The spring choral concert at Wilson High School in Long Beach ended on a high note, with the choir singing Cory Johnson's arrangement of "America the Beautiful" featuring Ronnie Butler (as Obama) singing the solo. The audience and performers were surprised by the introduction of the "president", and there were plenty of double-takes as he took the stage. As he began singing the first verse, the choir slowly unfurled red, white and blue banners. Ronnie acted as presidential as could be, and has a great voice. I highly reccomend that if you hire him, have him sing! The reviews from the students were very enthusiastic, writing: "My favorite part of the concert was seeing “Obama” sing with us to America the Beautiful. Really made my night." "My brother thought that the impersonator at the end was the real president." and "The Barrack Obama lookalike sang so good. It was a cool surprise. Everyone was talking about it the next day and saying how Barrack Obama came to our school."

    Hired by: Curtis Heard, Choir Director
    Organization: Wilson High School
    Event: Chairty Event
  • It was a pleasure working with Politicos Comedy Brigade and Ron Butler! Y’all did a fantastic job! If the opportunity arises, we will certainly recommend y’all. Keep up the great work!

    Hired by: Jodi L. Witt, Conference Services Manager
    Organization: Kingsmill Resort
    Event: Corporate Event in Williamsburg, VA
  • We hired Ron to work a huge conference in Las Vegas. Working with Ron was such a pleasure! He was extremely professional, flexible, and a great Obama impersonator. He interacted with the attendees and drew them into our booth. We also hosted a reception where he made a speech and had our guests amazed at how much he fit the character. There were attendees that were in tears thinking we had the real Obama in our exhibit booth. Ron was always very easy to get in contact with. He was very flexible with the flight, hotel, and transportation that were set up. I would recommend Ron to everyone, and I would love to hire him again in the future.

    Hired by: Amber Luft
    Organization: Excelsior College
  • Thank you so much for the other weekend! The group had a wonderful time and enjoyed the show!

    Hired by: Kaitlin Edwards, Destination Services Event Coordinator
    Organization: Kingsmill Resort
    Event: Corporate Event in Williamsburg, VA
  • Five stars!

    Organization: Fianzas Monterray, second-largest surety lines company in Mexico and third-largest in Latin America
    Event: Corporate Event in Los Angeles, CA
  • Your performance was one of the highlights of our convention in Hershey, PA! From the moment you entered the hall shaking hands with our delegates until you posed with them for photos after your performance, you had the attention of more than 900 participants.

    I’ve never worked with a talent who was so concerned about fine-tuning and adjusting scripting to best suit our event. We were given much more than a canned performance – your interaction with the principals on stage as well as the audience was spot on. And our participants loved the fact that you stayed for a meet and greet, offering photos and smiles to anyone who asked.

    You were professional. You were prompt for sound checks and stage time. You were as concerned about a successful performance as I was. And you proved to be not just an impersonator, but a well accomplished singer and dancer as well! And above all, you were a complete joy to work with. I would recommend you to anyone.

    Thank you so much. I hope you have cause to continue portraying President Obama for another four years!

    Hired by: Patricia B.
    Organization: AFSCME Council 13
    Event: Convention in Hershey, PA
  • Ron Butler was "Above and Beyond" in every possible way! He is a consummate professional and a true gentleman. It was a pleasure to interact with him, from the first phone call through subsequent emails, and on the night of my 70th Birthday Party.

    He looks, sounds, and acts just like Barack Obama, and he took the time to gather background information about me, and to work it into his presentation, which he performed (without notes) to the delight of my guests (and me!) He stayed for two hours and interacted on a personal basis with every one of my guests, in addition to taking photographs with them.

    To quote from one guest's voicemail: "What a great party! I was really impressed by the Barack Obama impersonator. He was excellent, and I've been telling everyone I know about him and they're just amazed. He was so good, that for a time I thought he was the real President."

    From another guest's email: What a fabulous time we had at your party. Of course, the visit from the President was the highlight of the evening! Who would have thought we'd be meeting him at your home? What a kick!! I saw someone who looked exactly like him on "60 Minutes" tonight. :-)

    In sum, if you ever need a Barack Obama impersonator (and you wouldn't be reading this if you didn't), Ron Butler is your man. He is wonderfully talented, he was a fabulous hit, everyone was in love with him, and no one will ever forget his appearance at my party!

    Hired by: Dorothy T.
    Event: Birthday Party in Irvine, CA
  • Ron was a terrific entertainer and had my crowd in the palm of his hand as a spot-on Barack Obama impersonator. I enjoyed working with him as his professionalism set my mind at ease from the start. Five star!

    Hired by: Marilyn B.
    Organization: CSS Inc.
    Event: Corporate Event in Indian Wells, CA
  • Ron's eye for detail as a Barack Obama impersonator are simply uncanny...but his acting abilities take him to a whole new & higher level. The way he walks, the way he stands, the way he acknowledges the audience, the way he speaks. Ron delivered an address that I had prewritten for him to our convention delegates. He managed to make every word believable with a tongue in cheek smile....maybe he should get into politics. A true professional and more importantly....a nice person.

    Hired by: Barrie M.
    Organization: Annie Holloway Events - Australia
    Event: Convention in Los Angeles, CA
  • Ron did a wonderful job! Very professional and fun-loving! He entertained young and old and was enjoyed by all. I received a lot of compliments on Ron's debut in Nebraska!

    Hired by: Shellie W.
    Organization: The Cattlemen's Ball of Nebraska
    Event: Fundraiser in West Point, NE
  • We had a fantastic experience with Ron. From beginning to end everything went very smoothly. He was very engaging with our guests and entertaining to say the least!

    Hired by: Elise C.
    Event: Birthday Party in Dallas, TX
  • My wife Janet has already written a review of Ron Butler impersonating Barack Obama at her surprise 65th birthday party. I wanted to share my experience of working with Ron.

    The theme of Janet’s party was love and fun and I wanted to make sure that throughout the evening the focus stayed on Janet. I couldn’t think of something more fun than hiring someone to impersonate President Obama. For sure this would be a lot of fun for Janet as well as for all our guests. I did quite a few searches on the internet and came across Ron’s site. I read his reviews carefully and watched all the videos to get a sense of his skill sets. I contacted Ron by phone and immediately felt the warmth and sincerity that would make this a most memorable event.

    Prior to the event Ron put in an enormous amount of time preparing for a spectacular event. Ron wanted to know as much about Janet as possible so he could interact with her in a most personal way. I sent Ron many memorable experiences with Janet that included travel, work and personal experiences. I also sent Ron photographs of Janet so he could also get a sense of her being.

    Ron’s appearance as Mr. President put Janet’s birthday party over the top. We had a live band that played Hail to the Chief at that moment President Obama made his grand entrance. People gasped when he appeared. For the next 10 – 15 minutes he and everybody had the most wonderful time. You can judge an impersonated by his looks, mannerisms and voice. There were people at the party that for the rest of the evening really believed the President had been there. After his interactions with Janet and the guests Ron was so gracious to have photo ops with guests which will be souvenirs of the party and the President for the rest of their lives.

    I am a very picky person with very high standards. Ron exceeded by wildest dreams helping to create a most loving, fun and memorable evening for Janet. I know you too will have a very special event with Mr. President.

    Hired by: Joel G.
    Event: Birthday Party in Westlake Village, CA
  • My husband arranged a birthday party of a lifetime for me. A great live band, guests from far away and from past,, great food, 85 guests and he did this as a complete surprise to me! He could have stopped there, but when he added Ron Butler/Barack Obama to evening, he created THE HIGHLIGHT. My friends still cannot stop talking about and smiling when they recall their time with "Our President". Ron's presentation was clever, hilarious, entertaining, well organized to the nth degree. Ron's flexibility and brilliance indicate his highly generous spirit. Including Ron Butler when inviting friends to any celebration will be giving your guests a gift they will never forget.

    Hired by: Janet G.
    Event: Birthday Party in Westlake Village, CA
  • Ron was personable and friendly during the initial call. It was immediately clear that we were on the same page and in sync. Ron was helpful in making suggestions to shape and enhance the event. He was able to provide a video/audio work sample; which was very impressive. Ron was excited about the project, available on short notice, and willing to perform over the phone. I couldn't be happier with the results.

    Hired by: Bob K.
    Event: Private Party in Los Angeles, CA
  • Just amazing not only did he look like President Obama but his personality is just like the President's as well; charming, professional, personable and made everyone feel so special. People left happy and glowing with joy!! Loved him!!

    Hired by: Andree M.
    Organization: Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
    Event: Corporate Event in San Diego, CA
  • When I first saw Ron, I thought "Wow, he really looks like President Obama, but can he perform?" All I can say is that he was amazing! He walked into our event in full character and when he spoke I was in shock. His mannerisms and voice was exactly like President Obama. He worked the room like a pro and spoke to almost every guest at our event. He was more than willing to take pictures, sign autographs and speak to people. I am beyond pleased with our decision to hire Ron as our President Obama. I highly recommend him.

    Hired by: Stephanie B.
    Organization: Children's Hospital Los Angeles
    Event: Corporate Event in San Diego, CA
  • Ron not only looks the part, as you’d expect, but he also acts the part. He’s as charming and cheeky as the president himself and exceptionally good at entertaining people. He follows direction really well and we got a massive range of emotions from him in the shots we took.

    Hired by: Alex H.
    Organization: WCRS Advertising
    Event: Corporate Event in Los Angeles, CA
  • CLICK HERE for information on booking Obama impersonator Ron Butler for your project or event.

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