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Barack Obama impersonator Ron Butler is a consummate professional with over 25 years of experience in television, film, theater, new media, corporate and event entertainment, singing, dancing, character acting, sketch comedy, and writing.

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Ron Butler’s brilliant portrayal of President Barack Obama is timeless and hilarious, popular with clients and audiences around the world and perfect for use in live performances, on screen, and beyond.

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Here are some of the many services offered by Obama impersonator Ron Butler:

Obama impersonator Ron Butler stars in his one-man Broadway-style live stage show, “The Ron Butler Obama Experience.” The show is available in a ready-made 30-minute format, or in a 100% customizable format. CLICK HERE to read more about Obama impersonator Ron Butler’s live stage show, “The Ron Butler Obama Experience”.
Ron Butler has performed on major stages throughout the Americas and Europe since he was a young boy touring with his father, “The Godfather of Bahamian Music” Ronnie Butler. A 25-year veteran theater actor with Off Broadway experience, Obama impersonator Ron Butler has an incredible stage presence which, combined with his excellent sense of humor, improvisational abilities, logistical skills, and warm personality, make him a perfect choice to carry out the duties of master of ceremonies.
Obama impersonator Ron Butler prides himself on complete professionalism and a brilliant portrayal of the President, two factors which will ensure that trade show attendees are crowding around your booth and that your product is being well represented. With Obama impersonator Ron Butler at your service, your trade show booth will be the center of attention.
Alex H. of WCRS advertising says that Ron Butler is “as charming and cheeky as the President himself and exceptionally good at entertaining people.CLICK HERE to read testimonials of Obama impersonator Ron Butler provided by satisfied clients of all kinds from around the world. Butler’s charm and excellent interpersonal skills, along with his brilliant portrayal of President Obama, will delight guests, attendees, and VIPs during your meet-and-greet. Your guests, attendees, and VIPs will enjoy the opportunity to mix, mingle, and take photographs with the President, Obama impersonator Ron Butler.
Obama impersonator Ron Butler will thrill your guests, family, and friends for any occasion, offering surprise and announced appearances during which he can perform comedy, perform a custom toast or a tasteful roast, meet and greet, or take photos with attendees depending on the client’s needs.
Obama impersonator Ron Butler professionally and enthusiastically promotes your product, brand, or company armed with an incredible portrayal of President Obama. The use of comedy and the world’s best Obama impersonator in your creative promotion is bound to draw interest from both the public and from the media, helping your company or organization differentiate itself from the crowd and earn the attention it deserves.
Ribbon cuttings are well-known for attracting local and regional dignitaries, and imagine how your business or initiative will stand out from the crowd from day one if the President shows up at your ribbon cutting. Obama impersonator Ron Butler will introduce levity and good humor to your ribbon cutting, and will make your ribbon cutting a destination, attracting the kind of attention from the public and from the media which will get your new business or initiative off to a great start.
In recent decades it has been proven that a good impersonator of the sitting President can cause a scene wherever he goes, and Obama impersonator Ron Butler is available to provide just such a publicity stunt to your organization for the benefit of your product, brand, or message, or company. Obama impersonator Ron Butler’s publicity stunts are planned, executed, and spun through the press by Politicos Comedy Brigade, the people who brought you high-profile major media stunts at Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) 2011 and Republican Leadership Conference (RLC) 2011.
Obama impersonator Ron Butler is available for brand, products, and message endorsements. Comedy sells, and who better to increase the power and visibility of your brand than an endorsement from the President, Obama impersonator Ron Butler.
Bringing good humor and and the authority of the President to print campaigns and online advertisements for products, services, brands, messages, and entertainment by making Obama impersonator Ron Butler the feature of your photo shoot and advertising campaign.
Ron Butler has written, produced, composed, directed, and starred in high quality video shorts which are available across the web, including his hit viral musical parody, “Obama! A Modern U.S. President,” which to date has achieved almost 2.5 million views across its various promotional outlets. His ability to produce brilliant video greetings and industrials in top-notch quality, combined with his excellent impersonation of President Barack Obama, make him the perfect selection for your custom video, whether the video is for a conference opening, a comedy endorsement on your website, or a personal greeting for a special occasion.
Obama impersonator Ron Butler appears live at your event through streaming video to deliver comedy, have an animated conversation, and stand for Q&A with your event emcee, guests, and attendees. This is a fun, interactive alternative to a custom video, and can generate a buzz at your event: after all, how many events feature a live “satellite uplink” with the President of the United States?
Obama impersonator Ron Butler lends his spot on Presidential portrayal, spot-on comedy, and 25-years of acting experience to your organization’s next television or radio commercial. Ron Butler has appeared as President Barack Obama in a commercial campaign for Unilever’s internationally popular Brylcreem brand.
Ron Butler is an accomplished television actor with many major credits, including his recent featured role on Nickelodeon’s True Jackson VP, where he appeared in 46 episodes. Ron Butler has also appeared on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, ABC’s Gray’s Anatomy, and STARZ’s Torchwood among dozens of others. CLICK HERE for a complete list of Ron Butler’s television credits. With decades of experience, skill in character acting, and international visibility from his previous television roles, Obama impersonator Ron Butler is an excellent candidate for casting on late night shows, cable and network news, sitcoms, comedy programming, and reality shows.
The winner of an IFP Award for Best Breakout Performance for his role in HBO’s Everyday People, Ron Butler is a bona fide film actor with Hollywood experience and a star-studded list of credits. CLICK HERE for a complete list of Ron Butler’s film credits. With decades of experience, skill in character acting, and international visibility from his previous film roles, Obama impersonator Ron Butler is an excellent candidate for casting in motion pictures.
Obama impersonator Ron Butler is available for radio interviews and for fully produced radio comedy sketches featuring his brilliant portrayal of President Barack Obama. Ron’s improvisational skills, combined with his spot-on up-to-the-minute political pop cultural comedy makes for a funny and engaging radio segment or sketch every time. Ron Butler’s comedy sketches are also available for syndication.
The voice of the President of the United States can be useful in a variety of formats, and you can put Obama impersonator Ron Butler’s Presidential voice impression to work for your next film, television, commercial, new media, animation, industrial, or radio project.
A 25-year seasoned veteran in theater, Ron Butler has been a member of Atlantic Theater Company for the last two decades. He has performed in the Hollywood Bowl concert production of “South Pacific” alongside country music legend Reba McEntire and Broadway leading man Brian Stokes Mitchell. Ron Butler has also performed in “Merrily We Roll Along” with York Theatre Company and “Once in a Lifetime” with Atlantic Theater Company among many other roles and productions. CLICK HERE for a complete list of Ron Butler’s theater credits. With extensive training from icons in the performance arts, an incredible skill in character acting, and many theatrical experiences to draw upon, Ron Butler is an excellent actor to cast as President Barack Obama or in a variety of other roles in any theatrical production.

Political Comedy Troupe Politicos Comedy Brigade

Politicos Comedy Brigade offers a variety of add-ons to supplement any performance or appearance by Obama impersonator Ron Butler, including his stage show, “The Ron Butler Obama Experience.” Virtually any production detail or atmospheric detail a client can hope for can be either provided or booked by Politicos Comedy Brigade. Those add-ons may include:

  • Additional characters, comedians, and impersonators. Click here for Politicos Comedy Brigade’s complete list of characters available for inclusion in “The Ron Butler Obama Experience.” Click here to view Politicos Comedy Brigade talent available for booking alongside Obama impersonator Ron Butler.
  • A Presidential podium
  • A Presidential seals
  • Oval Office set
  • US Capitol set
  • Air Force One replica
  • Secret Service Agents
  • Bomb sniffing dogs
  • Metal detectors to screen guests or VIPs, creating a realistic environment for a Presidential appearance
  • Limousines and SUVs
  • Helicopters
  • Teleprompters
  • Multimedia screens and projection equipment
  • Blue pipe and drape
  • American flags
  • Themed Backdrops
  • A variety of sets and props

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