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Barack Obama Impersonator Ron Butler's Credits And Training

Obama impersonator Ron Butler is a 25-year veteran entertainer with marquee credits in film, television, new media, theater, and music. He has also received personal training from entertainment giants in character acting, comedy, improvisation, song, dance, and theatrics.

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Obama Impersonator Ron Butler True Jackson VP

The following credits and qualifications represent Ron Butler’s accomplishments in the entertainment industry, but also represent impressive skills and experiences which both influence and inspire his incredible portrayal of President Barack Obama:

- HBO’s Everyday People (IFP Award for Best Breakout Performance)
- Spartan with Val Kilmer and William H. Macy
- Homicide with William H. Macy and Joe Mantegna
- Smother with Diane Keaton and Liv Tyler
- Rain with CCH Pounder
- Tick Tock Too (“The Hungover Games”)
- Yes You Deserve It! – Short Film
- Eleanor – Short Film
- Nickelodeon’s True Jackson VP – 46 episodes
- ABC Family’s Bunheads – 3 episodes
- NBC’s Crossing Jordan – 2 episodes
- ABC’s Invasion – 2 episodes
- ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy
- NBC’s Parenthood
- STARZ’s Torchwood
- CBS’s Three Rivers
- ABC’s Dirty Sexy Money
- ABC’s Eli Stone
- Fox’s Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
- CBS’s How I Met Your Mother
- FOX News’ The ½ Hour News Hour
- NBC’s Medium
- ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live
- CBS’s Without a Trace
- ABC’s Ugly Betty
- The WB’s Related
- The WB’s Summerland
- ABC’s Boston Legal
- FOX’s Nurses - Television Pilot
- Reality Check - Television Pilot (co-Executive Producer, Actor)
New Media
- Obama! A Modern U.S. President – Web Musical Parody - ~2.5 million views (Actor, Producer, Writer, Director, and Composer)
- First Day – Web Series – 5 episodes
- Obama’s Fiscal Cliff Riff – Web Musical Parody (Actor Producer, Writer, Director, Composer)
- Obama Bachelor Party Scandal – Web Short (Actor, Producer, Writer)
- 2012 Unseen Presidential Pot Debate – Web Short - Director/Producer is Warren Zide, Producer, American Pie
- Obama vs. Romney Fight Club Fantasy – Web Short
- The Photographs of Your Junk Will Be Publicized! – Web Short (Actor, Producer, Writer, Director, and Composer) - Executive Producer is Norman Lear, Creator/Producer of All in the Family, The Jeffersons, Diff’rent Strokes, etc.
- Solo: The Series – Web Series
- The Monogamy Experiment - Web Series
- Atlantic Theater Company’s “Once in a Lifetime”
- York Theatre Company’s “Merrily We Roll Along”
- Hollywood Bowl’s “South Pacific” with Reba McEntire and Brian Stokes Mitchell
- Atlantic Theater Company’s “The Intervention”
- La Jolla Playhouse’s “Zhivago”
- The Montalban Theater’s “Pilgrim”
- Missouri Repertory Theater’s “Death of Salesman”
- Atlantic Theater Company’s “Once In A Lifetime”
- York Theatre Company’s “Suburb”
- Atlantic Theater Company’s “Clean”
- Atlantic Theater Company’s “Five Very Live”
- Arena Stage’s “Ring Round The Moon”
- Woolly Mammoth Theater’s “Zero Positive”
- Washington Stage Guild’s “The Simpleton of the Unexpected Isles”
- Atlantic Theater Company’s “All Things Considered”
- Atlantic Theater Company’s “The Virgin Molly”
- Alabama Shakespeare Company’s “Big River”
- Theater By The Sea’s “Smokey Joe’s Cafe”
- Front Man, The Swing Solicitors
> CD Album “Straight Flight” (Lead Vocalist, Songwriter)
> CD Album “When You Look at Me” (Lead Vocalist, Songwriter)
> The Swing Solicitors’ music plays regularly on Bahamian radio
- Merrily We Roll Along - Cast Recording - York Theatre Company
- Personally trained by Academy Award nominees William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman, filmmaker David Mamet, American Repertory Theater’s Scott Zigler, and American Theater Company’s Robert Bella.
- Atlantic Theater Company, received formal training and membership for more than two decades.
- Lembeck Comedy Workshop

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