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Obama impersonator Ron Butler is an accomplished television and theater actor. During his 25 years on stage and screen, Ron Butler has accumulated a wealth of skills and experiences upon which he draws heavily in crafting and performing his portrayal of President Obama.

Barack Obama Impersonator Ron Butler And Michelle Obama Impersonator Vernetta Jenkins Dancing

Among the Barack Obama impersonators who currently perform live political comedy, Ron Butler is the only professionally trained career actor. Most other Obama impersonators are natural lookalikes-turned impersonators who have little to no formal instruction or practical skills in character acting, comedy, improv, or musical performance. Ron Butler has been personally trained in character acting, comedy, improv, song, and dance by some of the world’s most accomplished actors, directors, and coaches, including Academy Award nominees William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman, filmmaker David Mamet, American Repertory Theater’s Scott Zigler, and American Theater Company’s Robert Bella. He has also honed his craft in career acting over the course of more than two decades as a performing member of the Atlantic Theater Company.

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Ron Butler performs a hilarious Saturday Night Live-style character impersonation of President Barack Obama which combines a variety of performance constructs developed over the course of Butler's long career, including the following elements:

Striking Physical Resemblance
Ron Butler bears a striking resemblance to President Obama. With a touch of stage makeup and a custom wig designed by one of Hollywood’s most revered wig designers, Ron Butler’s resemblance to President Obama becomes pretty uncanny.
Uncanny Voice Impression
Armed with years of professional Broadway-caliber voice training, Ron Butler has developed a voice impression which captures many of the emphatic and iconographic aspects of Barack Obama's speech patterns and oratory skills, allowing him to bring the President’s voice to life on any stage.
Tasteful Brand Of Comedy
As an Obama impersonator, Ron Butler performs a tasteful and astute brand of political and pop cultural comedy. Butler's political comedy draws in part upon his own political and public policy insights stemming from his days as an economic consultant for a law firm in Washington, D.C., and in part upon his active collaboration with and participation in Politicos Comedy Brigade, the preeminent political comedy team in the United States.
Original Song And Dance
Ron Butler incorporates song and dance into his portrayal of the President, which introduces a fun, light-hearted element to his impersonation and truly brings America’s first pop culture President to life. Ron Butler is the son of “The Godfather of Bahamian Music” Ronnie Butler, and Butler's mother was a career dancer, so he has performed song and dance on major stages throughout the Americas and Europe since he was a young boy.

Together these performance elements combine to create “The Ron Butler Obama Experience,” an exciting live stage show featuring Ron Butler's portrayal of President Barack Obama.

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Clients love Ron Butler's portrayal of Barack Obama. Barrie M. of Annie Holloway Events raves that “Ron's eye for detail as a Barack Obama impersonator is simply uncanny... but his acting abilities take him to a whole new and higher level: the way he walks, the way he stands, the way he acknowledges the audience, the way he speaks.” Andree M. of Childrens Hospital Los Angeles adds that Ron was “...just amazing. Not only did he look like President Obama but his personality is just like the President's as well: charming, professional, personable, and made everyone feel so special.

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Obama impersonator Ron Butler's portrayal of the President is truly world-class, and is perfect for use in live performances, on screen, and beyond.

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